The workshop!

The biggest problem and the largest hold up I had in actually building an airplane was not the cash, nor the expertise.  My wife even trusts my skills and thinks I’ll do a fine job.

No, the biggest problem was space.  Since we moved to NY, the garage was just too small.  I used to have a 2 1/2 car garage with one car in it and nice workshop.  Now I have a very small two car garage with two cars smashed into it.

My wife was firm.  I would not be allowed to use the garage (or the basement or a shed out back or the living room or…).  So I had to seek outside space.  Months of crawling Craigslist finally led to this!

The aircraft factory

The aircraft factory

It’s a nice two car garage with power and a high ceiling.  It is perfect.  The previous tenant made bicycles in it, so the landlord, Mario, has no problem with riveting (I lost about 6 garage spaces when people said, “You want to do what in my space!??!”).

I’ll need to hang lights and do a little wiring to get things ready, but it should fit the bill nicely.


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