Starting on the workshop….

I placed my empennage order on Monday… Still don’t have a shipping date, but I’m not quite ready in any case.  I’m signed up for an EAA riveting workshop that will hopefully have me ready when I get back.  That will be a busy road trip as I’ll be headed down from Maryland to North Carolina to do a one week finish up on my instrument training.  A busy January for sure!

I decided to take Boxing Day off from work.  Loaded up the van with more tools and a 12 foot ladder for the high work.

I didn’t really get started until noon.  First stop, Home Depot Aero Supply… I picked up some shop lights and wire and junction boxes.  I also got some lumber to make another triangle loom for my daughter (google it… it’s a cool way to weave).

I got the lights to the shop, opened them up and realized that I needed some extra junction boxes (no box inside the light, needs an external box).  Luckily there is a little hardware store down the hill from my workshop.  Quick trip down and up the hill netted the extra boxes.

The garage has a high, peaked ceiling, so it was a lot of exercise up and down the ladder stapling the romex to the rafters.  It took a lot longer than I hoped.  In the end, I pulled all the wire and wired and turned on one of the five shop lights.  Fiat lux!  The shop is still a little dark (the walls just suck light — I may need to hang some drywall).

2013-12-26 16.19.11 2013-12-26 16.20.44


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