Tables and workbenches.

Well, the kit is on it’s way (delivery in one week!), so getting the shop together has become a priority!  I had some piles of lumber for EAA tables and a hardwood workbench to assemble.  The weather has mostly been cold, but I decided to spend New Year’s Day out in the shop getting things ready.

My daughter desperately wants to help me rivet this plane together.  She’s been fascinated ever since we saw a rivet simulator at the Smithsonian about  7 years ago.  Her great grandmother was a riveter in WW2 (climbing into fuel tanks to buck them!), so I guess this is natural inclination (for both of us!).  No riveting to do yet, but lots of wood screws need to be sunk to get the tables together.


The finished product isn’t too bad.  I assembled a second one on my own today.  Well, I almost finished it before blowing the power in the garage.  I had a heater going and a skill saw.  The blade bound in the wood, the load went up, and trip!  Alas, the breaker panel is in the basement of the rental unit, so I’m dependent on the landlord to flip the power back on.



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