More prep work on the horizontal stabilizer

Even with company in town, I managed to get a little time out in the shop.  Today, I talked my brother-in-law and nephew into coming out to help.

The tasks today were a bit boring and repetitive… dimpling and priming.    There are about 160 dimples in each face of the horizontal stabilizer skins (4 faces).  With two people (even if one is a small one), it goes much more quickly than solo.  The DRDT-2 dimpler made it easy to get at those inner dimples even on a folded skin like this one.

2014-05-28 12.48.23 2014-05-28 13.31.45


With that done, we primed the various parts.  This was my nephew’s first time using a rattle can.  A few reminders about keeping the can upright were needed, but he did a good job.

2014-05-28 15.39.15

The next step is to do the thousands (well hundreds) of countersinks on the spars.


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