Riveting stuff onto the wing ribs

Lots of rivets today… I didn’t get everything done that I hoped for, but still, riveting is more fun than part prep!

First up was riveting the flap hinge brackets onto a couple of the ribs.  These had already been match drilled and deburred in a previous step.  16 rivets per flap hinge.  4 hinges.  64 rivets.  I got all of these using my longeron yoke (since there are flanges on each side).  They came out great!  No smileys.  No heads lifting up.  None to drill out.

2015-05-02 09.10.41 2015-05-02 09.40.16

Next up were the torque tube support brackets.  These go on the most inboard ribs of each wing.  The left and right are mostly mirror images of each other, but the size of each bracket is a little different.  I had marked them carefully during their prep, so not an issue.  The first bracket went together perfectly!  I used my 4″ no-hole yoke.  I was able to squeeze all the rivets (thus avoiding the dreaded offset rivet set!).

2015-05-02 11.41.30

I did the second bracket after lunch.  I make a lot of mistakes after lunchtime (my wife stops by for lunch after the gym and is clearly a big distraction from plane building, but I’ll keep her anyway!)

This mistake was easy to spot.  I put in a 470 4-4 instead of a 470 4-5 rivet.  It was hugely obvious right after I squeezed it.  The shop head was way too small!  I had to fire the compressor up just to drill out this one rivet.

2015-05-02 13.01.14

I’m giving a presentation on riveting to my flying club in a couple of weeks, so this was a great chance to show how to remove a rivet.  It came out very cleanly.

2015-05-02 13.04.03 2015-05-02 13.04.14 2015-05-02 13.04.32 2015-05-02 13.08.35

It was a beautiful day to go flying (isn’t every day?).  I flew the retract Arrow up to Connecticut to get its oil changed, so the flight counted as club ferry time (as in FREE!).  I’m feeling pretty comfortable driving the Arrows now.  Which is good, because we’re getting a lot of new low-time members who are all flying the Archers.  More planes is more better!

The next step is to rivet and bolt the ribs onto the spars.  That will end Section 14.  I’ll hold off riveting this bracket onto its rib so that I can use it for a demo at the club meeting in a couple of weeks, but I should be on to Section 15 when I get back from vacation and my first couple weeks on my new job in Chicago.


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