I was getting ready to start riveting the last bits of the right leading edge when my wife called.  She’s out of town, and I always feel a bit naughty when I’m out visiting my aluminum girlfriend instead of working around the house.

I had to rivet the bottom 3 rows of rib rivets, the J-stiffener, and the landing light bracket.  It went pretty quickly and came out nicely.

2016-01-16 11.48.01

I’m getting ready for a move next month.  The whole shop is moving to a hangar outside Chicago.  I wrapped the leading edge in a Harbor Freight moving blanket and set it aside so I could work on the left leading edge.

2016-01-16 11.53.37

For the leading edges, its really important to cleco the whole rib line.  It makes the assembly look like a porcupine. The fit is very tight.  I could feel the rib inching into position as I set each rivet (or finagled it into place with a punch pin).  The bottom 3 rivets on the top are on separate tabs that want to float around and are really hard to get into place.  I managed it by using a cleco to get it roughly centered and then the punch pin to get it close enough to slide in a rivet.

2016-01-16 12.07.28

The left side went much faster than the right side.  Maybe only 4.5 hours to rivet the whole thing.  I did have to drill out 3 rivets (and two of those ended up being NAS1097 oops rivets).

2016-01-16 17.21.51

This is the last piece I’ll build here at the factory.  I’m skipping the stall warning sensor and landing light lenses for now (it will be better to do those when the plexiglass isn’t frozen!).  I’ll spend the next couple weeks packing everything up.  I’m thinking of pulling out the flap and aileron assemblies.  I should be able to work on those in the basement shop.  It’s not large, but the pieces are only about 5′ long, so I’ll be able to continue work until we finish the household move this summer.


2 thoughts on “Porcupines…

  1. Bob

    I see from you posts you are moving to Chicago. I’m an RV-14A builder in the city. I am building in my garage near the loop. I’m finishing up the fuselage kit and about to order the finish kit as all the other kits are also finished. I will be keeping my plane in my hangar at KGYY (Gary). This is my second build. I have the first build, a Sonex, in my hangar.

    What airport are you going to build and fly at? If you need a hand unloading or moving in to your new build space let me know and I may be able to assist.

    Regardless, good luck with your build and your move.

    Bob Meyers

    Flying Sonex N982SX. Web Site Index http://N982SX.com
    Building RV-14 N626KM. Web Site Index http://N626KM.com

  2. Borys M Pawlowski

    Hello, I will be joining RV-14 builders in Chicago area.
    Ill be in Lake in The Hills.
    Getting garage ready before tail arrives.


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