Monthly Archives: February 2016

Ready for the truck

Not much to write about… I went to the shop on Saturday to finish packing up. Last week, I concentrated on finished parts. This week, it was tools and tables.

I cleared out the three cabinets.  Everything got boxed up.  There was less left than I expected.  At this point, most of the parts are actually riveted onto the wing! I did pull out the flap and aileron parts earlier. Those are sitting in my basement ship.

Then I cleared off the tables. Most of the small tools ended up in a divided case.  That got moved to my basement as well. 

After lunch with my wife asks son, we unshipped the mounted tools and broke down the work tables and DRDT-2. 

The garage is much tidier than it has been for a long time! 

Everything looks like it will fit on the truck. The plan is to pack up this Friday, do some work around the house on Saturday, drive out Sunday, and unpack on Monday!. My son is going to do the road trip with me and help me unpack on the far end.  I have a couple of friends who may also come by and hep.

Next stop, Chicago!