More flying/working on the -12, shop getting close for the -14!

The shop is getting closer to being ready to build again.  Most importantly, I got my Dad’s old pencil sharpener mounted on the shop wall.  I really loved this one as a kid and I got my Dad to give it to me “pre-inheritance,” as it were.  My siblings are jealous 🙂  This is apparently now a vintage sharpener with a couple on sale on EBay.


I’m still organizing the shop.  It was easier when I first set things up because I didn’t have all the parts and tools.  I haven’t gotten into the boxes yet, but at least now I have the cabinets and shelves set up.  The compressor is now online and the air hose reel is mounted.

The tail feathers are now all up and hanging securely.  The rudder and vstab are along this wall because the hangar had a small leak in the corner and I didn’t want rain dripping on my nice parts!

I would have gotten more work done, but (1) I went flying in the RV-12 and (2) my next door neighbor and the CFI-S I’m working with both stopped by and chatted for a couple of hours 🙂   The flying went really well.  I’m getting a better feel for the plane.  I still haven’t left the airport pattern, just working on landings.


I did actually work on one part.  My son had deburred the new cockpit handle latch last week.  I finished it up (it was steel, so it needed some touch-up after the humid week we had) and primed it.  I’ll dig out some gray Rustoleum to match the cockpit color so I can install it next week.  I have to drill out three rivets and pop-rivet the bracket in place.  It took a bit to dig out the new page for the instructions to make sure I orient the part correctly (and to drill out the correct rivets!).

Next week, I’m out cycling with my brother, but I’ll be flying and building again in a couple of weeks.


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